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What is the difference between a normal gift box and a folded gift box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-17
Many people don't know much about ordinary gift boxes and folding gift boxes. Today, Xiaobian will analyze them here. The difference between them?
In fact, ordinary gift boxes and folding gift boxes belong to the same series in terms of design style and box style, but the production process of the inner box of the gift box is obviously different. The ordinary gift box belongs to the ordinary flip-top gift box. It is mostly used for the packaging of various products such as cosmetics, products, jewelry, food, red wine, etc. The flip-top gift box of the folding gift box is only made of some adjustments in the production of the inner box, which can be folded to save space. However, this adjustment of the production process greatly reduces the transportation damage rate and transportation cost of the gift box, which is especially suitable for customers who need long-distance transportation.
The above information describes in detail the differences between ordinary gift boxes and folding gift boxes, as well as the differences between the two.
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