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What is product packaging design

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-19

The packaging box can display the product in the best way in front of customers. The design of product packaging should be simple and low-key, and at the same time, it should show an elegant and pleasing side. In addition, product packaging should also integrate multiple uses such as recognizability, protection, marketing, and transportation. What is Package Design?

The purpose of packaging design is to package and promote products, and finally deliver them to customers in the safest way. Whether it's a food box for McDonald's or a mobile phone box for an iPhone, or even something as small as a match, almost every product is packaged. There are various product packaging boxes in the market, but not all brand packaging can be remembered by customers. This is why many brands attach great importance to packaging design.

From a graphic designer's point of view, design is how the brand is reflected in the product box. From this point of view, the design concept should not only attract the attention of customers, but also provide information about the product. Secondly, the image and characteristics of the brand should also be reflected in the graphic design.

In addition to graphic design, the structural design of the packaging box is also very important. No matter how novel the appearance needs to be designed, the premise is that the safety of the packaging box cannot be sacrificed. Because the protection function is the most basic performance of the packaging box, if there is no ability to protect the product, the packaging box will lose its meaning of existence.

Finally, using packaging as a means of marketing is a vital and often overlooked part of packaging design. Packaging box design can link design elements such as its appearance, structure, material, color, typography or information, making the product suitable for marketing. Packaging is an element of brand marketing strategy, the box needs to convey the brand image, attract potential customers and promote product features.

The packaging box is a medium for customers to care about the products they have not purchased. Therefore, the content displayed in the packaging should be designed according to the needs of customers combined with the performance of the packaging.

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