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What information needs to be carried in the production of product paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-08

It is believed that in addition to being the carrier and external manifestation of the product, paper bag production also needs to carry the task of expressing the following information to consumers. Product paper bag making is the first spokesperson for the product. We must convey to consumers what I am for the product and how can I benefit you? And which company product am I? and other basic information. You can try in the following ways.

The product name printed on the product paper bag is made. Most of the product names printed on paper bags are the category names of the products, which can directly reflect the value and benefits of the products. Try to integrate the benefits of the product into the product name within the scope permitted by relevant laws and regulations, on the one hand, it makes the product easier for consumers to recognize and accept, and also saves more market education costs for manufacturers.

The brand name is also the name of the business company. It is mainly to inform consumers of the origin of the product to reassure consumers, and to condense consumers' emotions towards the product on the company brand. In this way, the market obtained through the production and printing of product paper bags will not be easily robbed by competitors. And it is recommended not to write the company name in the lower right corner, which is not conducive to consumers' reading.

Product name and brand name can directly or indirectly reflect the interests of the product, but whether the product name or the brand name is highlighted in the actual paper bag production and printing is mainly determined by the rules and regulations and the marketing strategy of the company. In the product introduction stage, the production and printing of product paper bags should be based on product interests and should not blindly use the brand to enter, otherwise it will lead to a slow start-up effect or even a disastrous effect. It is best to choose the mature stage of the product, which may quickly help the product win the market.

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