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What information can cosmetic packaging boxes convey?

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

If you are preparing to launch a new cosmetic product and have identified who the target user of the product is. But when customizing the packaging box, what information do you need to convey to the customer through the cosmetic packaging box? In what form should this information be conveyed?

brand information

Cosmetics is a very mature industry, so many brands are already household names. For example, China's old domestic product Pechoin, international brand Estee Lauder and so on. Potential customers trust familiar brands and products more than new brands.

In addition to the subjective choice of users, the outer packaging of cosmetics of well-known brands seems to be more easily recognized by potential users. The reason is that most well-known brands will maintain the consistency of brand elements when customizing packaging boxes and brand marketing. Therefore, for a new brand, it is not only necessary to design design elements that can attract users' attention, but also to be consistent with other marketing of the brand.

The packaging box is an important part of the shopping experience. When you look at the products on the retail shelf, your brain will subconsciously make a preliminary judgment on the cosmetics in front of you. Therefore, we need to attract the attention of target users through packaging design. The most basic thing is to understand the preferences of target users and their needs for cosmetics through investigation.

product information

Cosmetic packaging boxes are one of the great tools to convey customer experience and showcase products. When you are selling perfume, you can add the same fragrance of the perfume in the box to show the characteristics of the product. If you sell makeup such as eye shadow, you can show product features through eye-catching color matching.

Before deciding how to package your product, it should be in sync with the rest of your marketing department. If their vision of ideals is too expensive to realize in your packaging, it’s best to identify early on and adjust accordingly.

According to research by marketing professors, more than 30% of purchase decisions are based on the accurate information and benefits of the product conveyed in the box. Although a creatively designed packaging box is helpful to attract the attention of potential customers, the prerequisite for customers to make a purchase decision is to have a basic understanding of the product, and only when the product meets their needs will they make a purchase.

Although the novel and creative cosmetic packaging box will attract the user's audience, its purpose is to drive potential customers to buy their own products, and we need to strike a balance when customizing the packaging box.

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