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What factors should be considered in the design of high-end packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-04

The first step in designing a premium box involves finding inspiration for your design. First of all, we need to know what information you want to display the product or brand from the box, and then you can find elements that meet the brand vision in the retail market. In addition, you can also observe which packaging design is more popular with customers or which details of the packaging box customers will pay more attention to when purchasing products.

How do products catch our eye when we are shopping in a retail store? And, why did we buy this product? Is it its colour, its structure or its message or material?

Generally speaking, the color and the promotional information displayed in the box are the most attractive to potential users. But whether it makes a purchase decision also depends on whether the product information in the packaging box is accurately read by the customer, and whether the product is suitable to meet the customer's purchase needs. For gifts, customers will also consider whether the material of the packaging box is high-grade.

The final stage of packaging design is the fun part. Before customizing the box, you check the feasibility of your packaging design and whether it needs to be adjusted. We need to consider the following points:

Is the messaging clear—can potential customers recognize your brand and product through the box? Under normal circumstances, when a customer selects a product from the shelf, it only takes about 7 seconds to identify your product. If your product meets their purchase needs, we will have a deeper understanding, so we need to let potential customers recognize your brand and product category in the shortest possible time. Second, also determine whether the product information in the box is easy to understand.

Structural feasibility - the feasibility of ordinary lid boxes, clamshell boxes, and drawer boxes is no problem at all, but for some heterosexual packaging boxes, many things in the design drawings may not be realized one by one. Or, although it can be realized in the end, it may also take a lot of cost and effort.

Designing a high-end packaging box is not an easy task in itself, and various investigations and studies are required when designing a packaging box. However, after the design of the packaging box is completed, the feasibility of the packaging box needs to be considered. However, only by firmly grasping every detail of the packaging box can it create more value for the brand.

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