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What factors restrict the development of gift boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-19

At present, there are many kinds of gift boxes on the market, and the designs are constantly innovating. The various gift boxes not only meet the requirements of improving product quality, but also meet the needs of consumers, and also greatly improve the quality of products. However, looking at the domestic gift box manufacturers, 90% of the gift boxes are made by hand, and most gift box companies are still relying on hand-made and cheap labor-intensive methods. Most of the enterprises are small in scale and industrialized. The level is not high, the product quality is unstable and other conditions, enterprises are facing or are about to face new problems, as well as high labor costs, increasing rents and expenses and other factors, which affect the development of gift box manufacturers.

Chinese enterprises have begun to participate in the development of the world economy. Gift box packaging is only a microcosm of the entire packaging industry. Although China's entire packaging industry has developed rapidly and has become a world packaging power, we should also clearly recognize that we There are not many advantages in its own existence, and there is still a big gap between it and foreign powerful packaging enterprises, especially in the two aspects of internal management and automated production of enterprises, the road ahead is still a long way to go.

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