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What factors need to be considered when customizing luxury packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-13

Before many brands start designing high-end packaging boxes, they design according to the product, often ignoring the story behind the brand. In fact, knowing the brand in advance makes packaging design easier, especially for luxury brands. Most users buy luxury goods because of the brand value behind them. Luxury brands must differentiate themselves from other brands when it comes to customizing their boxes. Therefore, it is necessary to spend some time thinking about what kind of packaging box is more suitable for luxury brands.

First of all, we need to know what is the purpose of custom packaging? Just to package the product? Or is it for better protection of the product during transportation? Or do you want to promote your brand and increase product sales through product packaging? Of course, you can also consider the above issues at the same time when customizing the packaging box. Only by determining what purpose the luxury packaging box needs to achieve, can the packaging be better designed according to the needs.

Secondly, as a luxury brand, we need to allow customers to recognize our brand as quickly as possible, such as using brand colors in the packaging box. Many well-known luxury brands are now using brand colors to show their exclusivity. For example: when you see orange, you might think of Hermès boxes, and when you see robin egg blue, you might think of Tiffany jewelry boxes. Because these brands use the same color palette for their boxes, stores, and websites, these colors have been part of the brand for a long time. When customers see these colors, they will subconsciously associate with the brand.

Finally, consider the shopping habits of your target customers and their expectations for the product. Different customers have different expectations for products. For women, they prefer light-colored, romantic, and dreamy packaging designs, while for men, they prefer dark-colored, technologically-inspired packaging designs. In addition to gender, customers of different age groups also have different choices for products.

In addition to luxury packaging boxes, many luxury brands will also design various limited gift boxes during festivals and anniversaries to better display the festive atmosphere. When customizing a holiday gift box, it is also necessary to understand the background of the festival and the design elements that can reflect the festival. Integrating brands with festivals can better attract target customers during festivals.

High-quality packaging materials and printing are the key to turning the above ideas into reality. After the design of your luxury packaging box is completed, you can find an experienced packaging box manufacturer to cooperate with you to customize the best product packaging box.

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