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What factors need to be considered in the design of 'Boutique Packaging Box'?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-09
The packaging box has been developed for so many years, and with the continuous progress of technology, it has gradually changed from a packaging box to a boutique packaging box. Therefore, it is also very important in terms of design. According to the needs of modern development, what factors need to be considered?
First of all, the design of the boutique packaging box strengthens the personalized visual impact, so that the color can be cleverly used to create visual impact. A survey analysis from psychologists showed that 83% of people's memory of brands relies on sight, 1% relies on hearing, and 3% relies on touch. Color plays a particularly important role in packaging box design. Because different colors can cause people to have different visual reflections, and thus cause different psychological activities.
Secondly, the design of the boutique packaging box should also be environmentally conscious. Now is the era of 'greenismCreating a packaging design that is conducive to environmental protection and human health is the common goal of today's consumers and designers.
After that, the design of the boutique packaging box needs to emphasize market research. The personalization of the packaging box design, first of all, grasp the psychology of consumers, and strive to match the personality psychology of consumers, so as to obtain the coordination between the packaging box and the commodity in sentiment, so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the commodity in a certain image.
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