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What does the lamination look like in the customization of the paper bag?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-23
People in the field of custom lamination of packaging boxes and portable paper bags generally know it, and it is also a relatively common process. Lamination is divided into dumb film and bright film. Lamination technology was born in the 1950s and was first adopted by the US Army. my country's laminating process was inspired by the Japanese calendar card in the mid-1960s, so it was successfully tested on printed matter and was soon widely used.

The process of laminating is a main process of post-press processing. It is to glue the plastic film coated with adhesive and the paper printed matter after heating and pressing to form a paper-plastic integrated product , it is one of the common post-printing processes for paper prints. The coated prints have a smoother and brighter surface due to the addition of a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, which not only improves the gloss and fastness of the prints , Extend the service life of the printed matter, the printed product after the film has more vivid colors and a three-dimensional sense, which is especially suitable for the packaging of green food and other commodities, which can arouse people's appetite and consumption desire. Increase sales value.

Advantages of lamination:

1. Use lamination as the cover to protect the paper. After the paper is laminated, its cover life can be extended, and it has good antifouling, wear resistance and folding resistance. Second, the imprint is not easy to be damaged. After the film is covered, it can play the same protective effect on the color graphic cover, and it is not easy to be worn, and the grade and value of the gift box are improved.
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