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What do foodies think about the making of rich and colorful moon cake paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-21

Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in my country. Eating moon cakes and watching the moon is a festival custom. Therefore, the production of moon cake paper bags will involve Chinese elements, including the name meaning good luck, wealth, etc. The patterns of the Great Wall and the dragon are mostly circular and arc shapes. Isn’t it a good idea to give gifts? But for similar shapes, even if the moon cakes have to be dressed up, the production of gift paper bags should not be vulgar.

Mooncakes are a gift to the elders and a reflection of employee benefits. As a must-have gift for festivals every year, its paper bag making is the face of the gift. When it comes to the festival, it is not the moon watching but the moon cake paper bag making.

If you want to say how to look at making moon cake paper bags with such heavy makeup Precious, and sand is worthless everywhere. With so many elements piled up, I really can't find the point, as if the big red and purple looks very high-end is enough.

For the real food lovers, eating is our kingly way, appearance is second, and appearance is worthy of taste is the right solution, and taste is the trump card to conquer us. Tongrentang's paper bag for moon cakes is quite outstanding. Compared with other paper bags for moon cakes, which are red on top of red and have no discernment, its rich color shows the efforts behind the business and the thinking of excessive packaging in the production of paper bags for moon cakes.

In a word, moon cakes are not cheap. Do you still want to eat brand names? It means that you can give gifts during the festival. Don't just make a paper bag that means reunion without the action and sincerity of reunion. Moon cakes are gifts that basically everyone will receive now, so making paper bags is also a point that must be done carefully.

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