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What criteria need to be considered when designing a tea gift box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-16
Tea packaging is the key to ensuring the quality of tea in the field of buying, selling, storage and circulation. A beautiful and unique tea packaging box not only gives people a beautiful enjoyment, but also directly stimulates consumers' desire to buy. In addition, the tea gift box can maintain The quality of the tea leaves keeps it from spoiling.
1. To design a tea gift box, the first thing to consider is its material and structure. Whether the packaging material is suitable or not directly affects the quality of the product. This is determined by the properties of this special product, tea. Generally, the structure is selected. , easy to open the material to do.
2. The shape and color of the tea gift box can attract customers in the packaging design, and the matching is appropriate, so that consumers have a pleasing feeling after seeing it, which can attract consumers' attention. The color should be combined with the properties of the tea itself, and choose fresh, elegant, simple and natural colors.
3. The pattern design can make the product more vivid, vivid and interesting. To give it new content, new life, and new form, a kind of spirit should be penetrated and a kind of charm should be reflected. Tradition is a style and a fashion. It is possible to transform the traditional patterns with modern methods to make them more modern and more concise.
4. Text is also an important part of the design. The text of the tea packaging should be concise and clear, fully reflecting the attributes of the product.
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