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What are the visual elements of the packaging box design?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-19
Packaging box is one of the important links in modern commodity marketing. The quality of packaging box is directly related to the value of commodities in market circulation. However, visual impact is also very important. Therefore, when designing a packaging box, the following visual elements need to be considered; it is understood that there are four visual elements in the design of packaging boxes: color, pattern, text and shape. The specific details are as follows:
1. The color of the box design
Package design color. The design accurately conveys the typical characteristics of the product, and the product has the corresponding symbolic color, habitual color and image color in the impression of consumers. People have the habit of judging the nature of the product according to the color of the packaging box design, which has an important impact on the color design of the packaging box design. Some commonly used product image colors, try not to violate.
2. Packaging box design pattern
Patterns. In the design of the packaging box, it is the main carrier of information, which can express rich content. It can be roughly divided into product logo patterns, product image patterns, and product symbol patterns.
3, gift box packaging design text
Image text. Including brand names, product names, logo names, etc., these cultures represent the image of the product. It is generally arranged on the main display surface of the packaging box design and is also designed. Careful design is required, with fonts that are easy to read and unique.
4. Packaging box design
Packaging styling. First of all, it can imply the function and purpose of the product. For example, a bottle with a small volume and a short neck and a large mouth can be used for drinking directly; a bottle with a large volume and a long neck is used for drinking, which makes people feel that it needs to be poured into a cup before drinking. , the packaging shape can also imply the intrinsic value and grade of the product, that is, the internal quality and grade of the product can be displayed through the temperament and feeling of the external shape of the packaging.
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