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What are the two advantages of making paper bags that are favored by foreign brands

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-18

It is indeed not very difficult for many foreign brand merchants to find a good paper bag manufacturer in this environment of rising paper costs, and since the reform and opening up, many foreign carton packaging factories that make paper bags have successively Continue to focus on Asia, and put the factory in Asia, and there seems to be no more suitable candidate for Asia except for China, which is in East Asia. For this reason, many foreign paper bag making technologies have flowed into our country, due to our country’s labor force. At the time, it was relatively cheap and highly mobile, so the loss of these workers who had worked in these manufacturers would bring some of their know-how to all parts of our country, and there were also many workers who learned the technology and started their own businesses successfully. As the boss, he made his due contribution to the prosperity of the motherland. In the analysis of the flow and trend of these workers, the production of paper bags in Guangzhou and Shenzhen is particularly stable and excellent. Why do you say that?

According to analysis, although the working people who come to work in Guangdong each year show a downward trend, the overall number of them is still a huge group, and our country’s current railway level is increasing day by day, and it is also in the leading position in the world technology. The situation, this has greatly solved the worries of the New Year reunion of the migrant workers in Guangzhou. They can get more salaries for dry paper bag making in more developed areas and stabilize, and the mobility of personnel will be relatively reduced, and the stability will be improved. Under these conditions, the improvement of work efficiency can be said to be inevitable. Therefore, the service of making paper bags is thanks to the rapid development of our country's railway transportation technology to some extent.

In addition to solving the problem of liquidity, there is another problem of economic strength. Paper bag making is also superior to packaging factories in other regions of our country. Many companies will choose to be more famous in the local area when looking for cooperation. , And a partner with certain economic strength, this is mainly to avoid the loss caused to themselves if there is a dispute in the future and the other party cannot pay the amount of compensation that should be paid because of bankruptcy. Then in the impression of foreigners, Our country is more famous than the 4 places in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the number of paper bag production in the country is also quite large, so the choice of foreign brand merchants is almost certain.

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