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What are the trends of cosmetic packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-17

Designs and trends in the cosmetics industry are always changing. Cosmetic brands always come up with new ideas when it comes to designing the perfect product box' target='_blank'>packaging for their products. Cosmetic industry packaging includes packaging cartons, handbags, etc. Many cosmetic brands use box color choices and designs to appeal to their target audience.

Common trends among cosmetic companies are:

Fine line drawing - generally, this trend is characterized by simplicity and cleanliness, whether it is an image drawn with lines or a simple line, flexible lines are suitable for cosmetic packaging design for women, while technological lines with edges and corners are more suitable for men Cosmetics packaging design.

Black—A long time ago, black product packaging was mostly used in male cosmetics. However, many women's cosmetics have also begun to use black as the color of product packaging. Whether using pure black or using black as an embellishment, it can reflect the mysterious side of the product while attracting customers' attention.

Minimalism - This trend is to use the simplest and fewest elements to make the most of the packaging box. At the same time, because there are very few elements added, the products and brand information displayed in the packaging box are more prominent. Applying minimalism to cosmetic packaging boxes can create a chic and modern packaging appearance.

Earth Tones – Earth tones are by far one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry. Earth tones can create a cozy, vintage look to the box. At the same time, the earth color can also show that the product and its packaging box are natural and environmentally friendly. If you want to highlight the concept of the brand's environmental protection, using earth tones is a very good choice.

In addition to the above trends, the choice of material, size, process and other accessories of the packaging box is also very important. It must not only conform to the brand image, but also match the quality and price of the product. In terms of the size and process selection of the packaging box, aesthetics and accommodation are the main factors.

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