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What are the sequence processes of paper bag making and printing

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-26

   When searching for words like color box paper bag making and printing on Baidu recently, I saw many netizens asking questions about the color box paper bag making and printing process, and seeing many answers is really outrageous, many of them are It’s been a long time ago and the difference is too far. I hereby publish this article, hoping to help my friends.

   With the mature development of packaging technology and the continuous updating of printing and packaging technology, the paper bag production and printing process has also been simplified. Many exposures and film releases are now gone. The specific process is as follows:

  一. Design

   A lot of paper bag production designs are designed by companies or customers themselves or by designing companies and designed, because design is the first step, what kind of pattern or size you want, what structure, color, etc. . Of course, the paper bag making and printing plant also has services to help customers design.

  Second, proofing

   For the first custom printing paper bag production, digital samples are generally required, and more strict, even real samples need to be printed on the printing machine, because when digital samples are printed again, the colors of the digital samples may be different during mass printing. The printing press can ensure that the color is consistent in mass production.

   3. Publishing

After the    proofing is confirmed, it can be mass-produced normally. For the production and production of packaging and printing plants, this is actually the first step. The current color box paper bag production process is very beautiful, so the published edition colors are also varied, many Color box paper bag production not only has 4 basic colors, but also special colors, such as special red, special blue, black, etc. These are all special colors, which are different from the normal four colors. A few colors are just a few PS printing plates, and a spot color is a unique one.

   Fourth, paper materials

   The selection of color box paper bag making materials has been determined during the proofing process. Here, let’s talk about the type of paper used in paper bag making and printing.

   1. Single copper paper is also called white cardboard, suitable for color box paper bag production, single box printing production, general weight: 250-400 grams commonly used

  2. Coated paper   is made of coated paper to make paper bags. It is generally used for laminating paper. The pattern is printed on the coated paper and then mounted on gray cardboard or wooden boxes. It is generally suitable for the production of hardcover boxes.

  3. Whiteboard paper. Whiteboard paper is a paper with one side white and one side gray. The white side is printed with patterns. It is useful as a single box, and some use the pit-mounted paper box. There is no more explanation about the paper here. The nature and characteristics of commonly used materials for making paper bags are described in detail.

   5. Printing

   Color box paper bag production requires a very high printing process. The most taboo is color difference, ink dots, inaccurate needle position overprinting, scratches and other problems, which will also bring trouble to post-press processing.

   6. Printing surface treatment

   Surface treatment, color box paper bags are commonly used in the production of over-varnish, over-matte, over-varnish, over-matte oil and bronzing, etc.

   Seven, die-cutting forming

   Die-cutting molding is also called in the packaging and printing industry. It is an important and final link in the post-press processing process. If it is not done well, the previous effort will be wasted. Pay attention to the indentation in the die-cutting molding industry. Don't burst the line, don't die-cutting inaccurately.

   8. Bonding

   Many color box paper bags need to be glued and glued together, and some paper bags with special structures do not need to be glued, such as airplane boxes and sky covers. After bonding, it can be packaged and shipped after passing the quality inspection.

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