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What are the requirements for a qualified packaging box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-06
Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD. is a manufacturer of packaging boxes. Therefore, for the products it produces, it not only requires and meets the development needs of current commodities, but also requires quality. Such packaging boxes are still complete, so in addition to this In addition, what are the requirements for a qualified packaging box?
First of all, the packaging boxes produced need to have clear and clear patterns and texts, and they are required to be printed in a suitable position. When printing the text on the packaging box, it is necessary to ensure that the ink used for printing the text cannot fall off, and there must be no typos, misprints, omissions, and redundant reprints.
Secondly, the surface of the box should not be contaminated or damaged, without rust spots, peeling layers, cracks and other paper defects. Moreover, the paper sheets in the box body of the packaging box cannot have sensory defects such as splicing, lack of material, and wrinkling, and the paper materials of the same batch of products are the same.
After that, make sure that the bottom of the packing box is square, and there should be no overlapping angle and warping phenomenon. After forming, the overlapping angle loophole should not exceed the specified range.
In summary, a packaging box must meet the above conditions, so manufacturers need to consider clearly when designing and making packaging boxes, and make products.
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