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What are the main aspects of cosmetic kraft paper bag design?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-05

What aspects should I start from to master the skills of cosmetic kraft paper bag design? There are three main points here: one is the grasp of color skills; the second is the grasp of composition skills; the third is the grasp of cultural connotation.

How should we start with the relationship between color and packaging? It is mainly through the external packaging colors that can reveal or reflect the internal packaging items. When people see the outer packaging, they can basically perceive or associate what the inner packaging is. For this issue, the author has mentioned it many times in the past articles, but if we can walk into the store and look at the goods, many products do not reflect this kind of caring relationship. So that consumers can not think from the outside to the inside of what the packaged items are. Of course, it will not play a positive role in promoting product sales. The color of the normal external packaging should grasp the same characteristics to varying degrees.

Color and color contrast. This is the easiest to express but very difficult to grasp in many commodity packaging. It comes from a master in the middle school, and the wound effect of the packaging is like spring and white snow. There is a popular saying in Chinese calligraphy and painting, which is called airtight, sparse can run horses. It's actually a comparison. In the packaging, this contrast is very obvious and very common. The so-called contrasts generally have the following contrasts: that is, the contrast of the shades used in the use of colors, the contrast of the light and heavy use of the colors, the point-to-point contrast of the use of colors, the contrast of the complex and the simple of the use of colors, the contrast of the elegant and vulgar colors of the use of colors, and the contrast of the use of colors. Compare and so on.

The contrast of shades used in the production of kraft paper bags. This is the most frequently used color in the current packaging and the most widely used. It is very common on many planes (referring to posters, hanging paintings or situational bindings). The so-called contrast of shades should mean that the shades and shades of the design colors appear ingeniously on one screen at the same time, resulting in a more coordinated perspective effect. Usually, a large area of u200bu200blight-colored base is used, and a dark composition is used on it, such as a pale yellow base, a coffee-colored base is used for composition, or a light yellow or white pattern line is used in the coffee-colored color block; also such as Use a light green base; a dark green composition; a pink base; a bright red composition; a light gray base; a soapy black composition, etc.

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