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What are the first considerations when designing a tea gift box?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-16
Good tea gift box packaging has collection value, so its use should not only maintain the quality of tea leaves, but also show the taste of tea leaves. Therefore, when designers design such tea gift boxes, they need many aspects. consideration.
First of all, when designing the packaging of a tea gift box, the first thing to consider is its material and structure. Whether the packaging material is suitable or not directly affects the quality of the product, which is also determined by the properties of this special product, tea. Therefore, it is generally easy to choose materials that are structured and easy to open to make tea packaging.
Secondly, the text on the tea gift box is also an important part of the design. A package can be without any decoration, but it cannot be without text. Just like the same person, he must have a name, and the text on the tea packaging must be concise and clear. , fully reflect the attributes of the product, it is not easy to use fonts that are too complicated and difficult to identify, and fonts that are too stiff and sharp are not suitable. The thick bottom rhyme of tea culture reflects the long cultural history of the Chinese nation, which is good, but it should be in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-read and easy-to-recognize font.
After that, it is the pattern design of the tea packaging design, which should make the product more visual, vivid and interesting, and reflect the individuality; in addition, the color used in the shape of the tea gift box is the most attractive factor in the packaging design. , If the colors are properly matched, the consumers will have a pleasing feeling after seeing them, which can attract the attention of consumers.

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