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What are the differences in the production of portable paper bags made of different paper materials?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-10

The production of paper handbags has become an indispensable daily necessities in people's lives. Paper handbags have replaced the previous status of plastic bags and become a symbol of fashion and environmental protection. Among them, the most commonly used materials for making paper bags are white cardboard, kraft paper and coated paper. So, what are the characteristics of tote bags made of these materials?

1. White cardboard paper bag making

The strength of white cardboard paper bags is the highest among all paper bags, and is generally used for the storage of high-end clothing or commodities.

2. Kraft paper paper carrier bags making

Kraft paper handbags are characterized by high fastness. Because kraft paper is generally not coated, it is a low-cost handbag production.

3. Coated paper paper carrier bags making

The paper bag made of coated paper has moderate fastness, high whiteness and gloss, and is the most popular type of paper bag.

Of course, in addition to the three common materials introduced by the editor, there are also many very distinctive paper materials, which are made of paper bags with their own characteristics. Customers need to choose according to their own needs, and you are always welcome to consult.

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