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What are the design and production processes of cosmetic kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-04

We all know that a good kraft paper bag customization can bring more customers to the product, and packaging is everywhere in our lives, but do you know the printing and production process of kraft paper bags? Let us, who have more than ten years of experience in cosmetic kraft paper bag design, tell you what the kraft paper bag printing process is.

1. Plate making

Plate making is the general term for copying the originals we need into printing plates, and the general term for making cardboard. Nowadays, kraft paper bags are all about looking good and beautiful, so the colors of plate making are also various. Usually, the color of a box has more than 4 basic colors and spot colors, such as gold and silver, which are all spot colors.

2. Paper selection

The general gift box wrapping paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper, and the weight is generally 128g, 105g, 157g, and rarely the wrapping paper of the gift box will be more than 200g, because the wrapping paper is too thick to mount the gift box Foams easily and looks dull in appearance. Mounting is to select the appropriate double gray paper according to customer needs, commonly known as gray cardboard or gray cardboard.

Kraft paper bags are only made of printed wrapping paper. The mounted paper will not be printed. At most, it is only dyed. Because the gift box is an outer kraft paper bag, the printing requirements are very high. The most taboo is color difference, ink spots, rotten The shortcomings of these versions that affect aesthetics

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