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What are the considerations for making [Handbag Paper Bag Making]?

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-09
As a kind of packaging material for gifts, the production of hand-held paper bags needs to appear high-end, so that it will be liked by the majority of consumers. So some designers need to consider several factors when designing hand-held paper bags.

Point: To be shaped, the shape of the portable paper bag can be described as a variety of shapes, rectangular, cylindrical, cone, and heart-shaped, but it is ultimately inseparable from the basic packaging methods, square packaging and cylindrical packaging.

Point: It is emotional, and color has a great influence on emotions. Therefore, the color matching of packaging cartons can be distinguished by age and gender. Men's should be mainly in cool colors, and women should choose bright or simple and elegant light. Color, children choose bright, lively and cute patterns.

The third point: Obvious theming, which is the basis for deciding how to make the packaging of the portable paper bag. There are many themes for gifts, such as love gifts. The packaging can choose a heart or rose pattern, and it can be decorated with Cupid’s arrows. Embellishment, showing a strong friendship.

The fourth point: The artistry, each carefully processed packaged goods can reflect the artistry, can pay attention to the role of decorative belts, decorative flowers and other embellishments in the packaging.
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