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What are the conceptual steps of custom design of kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-07

If you want the customization of kraft paper bags to be satisfied by customers, then the designer is very involved in this process. The design of the packaging must be planned and step-by-step and it must be continuously improved in order to be able to design customer satisfaction. Packaging, so what preparations should be done before designing?

Kraft Paper Bag Design Survey

1. Investigation. Investigation is the process of understanding things, and design also needs a purposeful and complete investigation, background, market research, industry research, price, and presentation techniques. It can be said that investigation is the beginning and foundation of a design.

Second, the content. The content is divided into two parts, the specific content of the theme box, which is the basic material for designers before designing.

3. Concept. Ideation is the beginning of design, and in design, ideas are more important than everything else. Concept has always been independent of design. Maybe conveying ideas in your visual work can be very difficult.

You can only innovate the design of gift kraft paper bags after you have completed the basics of the beginning, so that you can design packages that satisfy customers, and continue to innovate and design products, only to design more beautiful kraft paper bags.

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