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What are the commonalities of conventional paper bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-26

u200bAs a business card for a company, the production of paper bags is also an important means of publicity. Especially in some important occasions, the production of paper bags plays a pivotal role. Let’s not talk about the importance, and now let’s have a concrete understanding of which aspects are mainly reflected.

u200bWhat is fresh in your memory is always the most characteristic. For example, the exquisite paper bag making and packaging will make your eyes bright and unforgettable. If your company's paper bags are very beautifully designed, the frequency of use by customers will also increase, which will help you spread the brand for free and consolidate your position in the industry.

u200bThe second is the printing material problem. The material problem should not be underestimated. The printing methods and effects of different materials are also different.

u200bFinally, in terms of craftsmanship, the complex is the production of paper tote bags. The printing of paper tote bags generally uses more offset printing. Remember to pay attention to the problem of the glue line, otherwise it will directly affect the grade problem. The general process of making paper bags must go through auxiliary processes such as printing and laminating, punching, and belting, so that they can be finally formed. Process requirements are still relatively strict.

u200bReminder for the production of portable paper bags, due to the inherent characteristics of the production of portable paper bags, and the production process is simpler than the packaging carton, if you need to make portable paper bags, the MOQ is relatively high, and the overall small quantity is not suitable for you. Cost-effective, it is recommended to order more than 5000 copies.

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