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What are the common materials for making paper bags!

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-17

Manufacturers with better paper bags found that their customers were not clear about the materials of paper bags when they were making paper bags, so they summarized the following commonly used paper bags to make printing materials, and then they will be packaged in common cardboard boxes. Paper bag making, packaging box customization, gift box packaging as an example, we will introduce several commonly used printing materials for making paper paper bags.

Paper bag production factory card box packaging can be used for medical equipment paper bag production, food paper bag production, tea paper bag production, health care product paper bag production, etc. Most of the card box packaging and printing materials are white cardboard or kraft paper. The unique style of kraft paper is very suitable for the production of food paper bags. 250-350 grams of white cardboard is more material used in card box packaging. If the customer has higher requirements for the material of the paper bag, you can consider using white cardboard to mount. White board paper can also be used for packaging and printing on cardboard boxes, but the printing grade is not as good as that of white cardboard. Therefore, if customers have higher requirements for cardboard packaging, it is recommended to use white cardboard for printing.

The production of outer paper bags is our common color box. There are many types of box types, such as airplane boxes, double-insertion handle boxes, plastic handle boxes, etc., which are often used in the production of take-out paper bags, fruit paper bags and printing, and agricultural products paper bags. Specialty paper bag production, etc. The printing material is mainly determined by the product weight, paper bag production design and customer requirements. Usually the product is lighter and the load-bearing requirement for paper bag production is not high. White cardboard material can be used. If the paper bag production load-bearing requirement is high, it is recommended With corrugated boxes, the load-bearing capacity of the three-layer corrugated is about five catties, and the load-bearing capacity of the five-layer corrugated is less than ten catties. The printed face paper can be kraft paper, and the white paper is already white cardboard. Customers can choose specific face paper according to the product paper bag design Corrugated material. Customers often confuse the packaging box and the outer paper bag production. The biggest difference between the packaging box and the outer paper bag production is that the outer paper bag is made of a layer of paper, and the color text pattern printing effect is better. The packaging box does not have a face paper, and the color is corrugated. Simply print the corporate logo, which is mainly suitable for logistics and transportation.

The gift box packaging of manufacturers with better paper bag production is also the hardcover box that paper bag manufacturers often say. The materials of hardcover boxes include copperplate paper mounted gray board, kraft paper mounted gray board and special paper mounted gray board. Coated paper mounted gray board is suitable for large Paper bag production design with area pattern text, kraft paper mounted gray board is mostly used in the production of tea paper bags, special paper is not suitable for large-area printing, but the texture of special paper can bring a different feeling to paper bag making, which is a good way to improve the grade of paper bag production. select.

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