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What are the common forms of paper bag making structure?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-26

There are seven types of paper bag production on the market, if classified according to the structure of paper bag production, it can be divided into seven types: socket type, portable type, window type, drawer type, variant type, covered type and combined type. They have different shapes and different performances. Let's get to know them together.

1. Socket type

This is the most commonly used form of packaging carton in the structure of paper bag making. It is simple in shape, simple in process and low in cost. For example, common wholesale packaging mostly uses this structure. This structure has tangent lines on the box surface according to different graphics, the box cover can be opened, the opening is convenient, and the commodities are easy to take out.

Second, the window type

This form of packaging gift box is commonly used in toys, food and other products. The feature of this structure is that it enables consumers to see the product at a glance and increases the credibility of the product. Generally, the part that opens the window is supplemented with transparent materials. It can be divided into three forms: partial window opening, box cover transparent and multi-faceted transparent. Through this window, consumers can roughly understand the situation of the product.

3. Portable

This form of carton type is commonly used in gift cartons, and is characterized by easy portability. But pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and structure of the handle are equivalent to prevent consumers from being damaged during use. The handles are usually designed in a folded form.

Four, drawer type

This packaging form is similar to the shape of a drawer, the lid and the box body are made of two pieces of paper, and the structure is firm and easy to use multiple times. Commonly there are drawer cartons for oral liquid packaging, boxed chocolates, etc.

Five, different forms

The special-shaped carton pursues the interestingness and variability of the structure, and is often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This kind of structure is relatively complex, and there are many production processes, but the shapes are various, the changes are colorful, and the display effect is good. The main shapes are triangle, pentagon, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylinder, semicircle, book shape, etc., giving you a new and beautiful feeling.

Six, cover type

This type of covered structure is divided into two types: one-piece type and split type. The so-called integrated type means that the cover is connected to the box body and is formed by one piece of paper, such as the packaging of cigarettes; while the split type means that the cover is separated from the box body and formed by two pieces of paper, such as jewelry boxes, moon cake paper bags, etc.

Seven, combined type

Combination packaging is mostly used in gift box packaging. This type of packaging has both a single package and a medium package. It is characterized by being expensive and gorgeous, but the cost is high.

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