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What are the color marketing methods for gift paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-12

Gift paper bag making is an indispensable part of gift packaging, because it is not only the outer packaging to protect the gift and facilitate the transportation of the gift, but also the miniature image of the gift manufacturer and the first image of the gift to the consumers. Therefore, the role of gift paper bag making in marketing is very significant. What I want to share with you today is the color marketing method of gift paper bag making.

According to statistics, in the visual experience brought by an item, the color impact occupies most of the sensory position, and then stays in the brain's memory, and in most shopping, consumers are faced with a variety of gift packaging at the same time When choosing, often choose color harmony, with exquisite gift paper bags. Therefore, it is believed that the color of the gift paper bag should match the identity of the product as much as possible, and pay attention to the tension between the colors in order to capture the attention of consumers keenly. Inadvertently advocating the product makes people feel the meticulousness of its brand

In the use of color in the production of gift paper bags, the psychological and physiological changes of consumers are matched. For example, the bright and dripping color of plums will make people have psychological and physical longing for plums. This is the use of color to stimulate the psychological and physiological changes of consumers. This method is mostly used in the production of food gift paper bags, such as using brilliant, opaque colors such as pink, orange and orange to exaggerate the taste, smell and taste of commodities. The use of cold colors such as gold, red, and brown gives people a feeling of sweetness and rich nutrients. Sometimes it is the use of color in these gift paper bags that helps consumers make quick judgments. Speed u200bu200bup the sale of goods.

Different colors, different hues and brightness can bring different feelings to the production of gift paper bags, so the difference between different packaging colors will be carefully distinguished according to the shape of gift paper bags. Putting various colors that consumers can easily distinguish in the color design of gift paper bags can help consumers identify the goods. Make consumers have a relatively deep visual memory of the packaging color, so that consumers can buy the product next time. In this way, the time for commodity trading is shortened, and the smoothing of commodity sales and products is accelerated.

The effect of the color of paper bags is based on gender, country, hobby, etc. It is often used in the same series of products. If the enterprise adopts the same color system and the same color when using the same brand, it will confuse consumers and make it difficult to distinguish them, so they need to use different colors to distinguish them. Moreover, the color distinction can also be used for grading in commodity pricing, which brings convenience to the manufacture of paper bags for manufacturers and the sales of merchants.

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