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What are the characteristics of common tea kraft paper bag packaging materials

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-26

At present, the common tea kraft paper bag packaging materials are mainly paper materials, supplemented by wood and leather materials. In order to better protect our living environment, we do not advocate the use of plastic packaging. After all, plastic packaging is difficult to degrade. people have been concerned about.

Now the packaging materials of tea kraft paper bags are more abundant, and there are paper materials, metal, wood, ceramics, glass and other materials to choose from. The emergence of these materials has provided more choices for merchants, but also made them feel distressed, because they do not know how to choose in the face of so many packaging materials.

Paper tea kraft paper bag packaging is undoubtedly a widely used material. Since the invention of papermaking in ancient times, paper has been popularized and used by people. Used to make tea kraft paper bags, it is easy to shape, and the weight is easy to carry, and it is easier to recycle. It is an environmentally friendly material.

Wooden tea kraft paper bag packaging is also a popular packaging material in the past few years. The wooden material processed with natural materials has the characteristics of simplicity and is very distinctive for packaging tea, but it has gradually withdrawn from the packaging market in recent years.

Metal tea kraft paper bags are also a relatively common material. Due to the complex processing, the quantity of custom-made tea kraft paper bags is relatively large and the cost is relatively high. For a small amount of tea kraft paper bags, it is recommended to choose paper materials that are easy to process. .

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