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What are the characteristics and functions of paper bag making?

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-19

Explain the characteristics, functions and advantages of corrugated cardboard and carton, what is corrugated cardboard, what is paper bag making, and what are the characteristics and functions of corrugated cardboard and paper bag making? Experts will answer for you one by one.

Corrugated box packaging Paper bags are made into paper bags through die cutting, creasing, nailing or sticking. Paper bags are made of rigid paper containers made of corrugated cardboard. Paper bag making is one of the most widely used packaging products, and the amount used has always been the first of various packaging products. Including calcium plastic corrugated boxes.

Let's understand the characteristics, functions and advantages of corrugated cardboard and cartons: 1. Corrugated cardboard is a main material for commodity transportation and packaging; the production of corrugated cardboard and paper bags began in the late 19th century, and was rapidly developed in the early 20th century. development of. Paper bags are light in weight, inexpensive, and can be mass-produced in a variety of sizes. The storage space before use is small and various patterns can be printed. Therefore, they are widely used in the packaging and transportation of finished products.

2. Corrugated cardboard and carton structure characteristics: it is made by bonding single or multi-layer corrugated cardboard and flat paper; 3. Corrugated cardboard and carton performance characteristics: corrugated has good compressive strength and shock resistance , Can withstand certain pressure, shock and vibration; Fourth, the four major functions of corrugated cardboard and cartons: 5.1 Protect goods 5.2 Convenient storage and transportation 5.3 Advertising 5.4 Promote sales 5. Six advantages of corrugated cardboard and cartons: 4.1 Anti-pressure and shockproof 4.2 Suitable for printing 4.3 Easy to form 4.4 Lighter weight 4.5 Conducive to environmental protection 4.6 Low cost (compared to other packaging materials)

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