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What are the advantages of custom-made leather box paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-31
The production of leather box paper bags is an indispensable packaging material in the packaging industry, so it is particularly popular. The products packaged in this kind of leather box paper bags are not only beautiful in appearance, but also improve a lot of products. value. Therefore, many merchants customize leather boxes for products, so what are the advantages of doing so? Below is an analysis of it.

(1) Advantages in color: Because the leather surface is re-sprayed and colored. The choice of colors far exceeds that of wooden packaging, and it fully reaches the level of paper packaging. You can spray whatever color you want.

(2) Advantages in texture: less wood texture; paper texture is not heavy due to its thin thickness; only leather packaging can achieve both wooden texture and paper texture, which is the difference between the two In sum, it can also imitate the texture of brushed metal, plastic, cloth, marble, ceramics, bronze, etc.

(3) Advantages in thickness: The cortex is interposed between the wood and the paper, which not only ensures a good sense of contact in the process of people's use, overcomes the light and airy feel of the paper, but also does not produce the bulky feeling of the wood; it can be said to be just right .

(4) Advantages in strength: the paper is broken, and it will rot when it is torn: the wood is rigid, and it will be broken when it is broken; only the toughness of the cortex overcomes the above defects and interprets the softness with rigidity. characteristic.

(5) Compatibility advantage: Paper and wood with different colors, textures and thicknesses are designed on the same product, and they are often not compatible with each other. The leather is based on the innate texture. On the same cowhide, the back and the belly have the same leather surface, but the feel is completely different. People have already accepted this difference. So accept the compatibility of the cortex.

(6) Advantages of price and construction period: The price of leather packaging is involved between paper and wood, and the construction period is also between wood and paper. It can basically meet the construction period needs of design and production, and can also meet the different positioning of market sales. Combined with the characteristics of leather packaging, it is not only as hard as wood, soft as cloth, with the same color and lustre as paper, and toughness; but also, it has the same kind of intimacy that is irreplaceable in close contact with the human body.

To sum up, the above information describes in detail, some advantages of custom-made leather box paper bags, you need to order leather box paper bags, EVA paper bags, wine box paper bags, bamboo paper bags For box portable paper bag making, moon cake portable paper bag making, gift box and tea gift box and other friends, you can consult our Hangzhou portable paper bag manufacturer.
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