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What are the advantages of choosing paper packaging for kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-09

In life, kraft paper bags can be seen everywhere, large and small gift devices are always inseparable from exquisite and beautiful outer kraft paper bags. Paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, etc. are all important packaging raw materials, but The choice of paper and cardboard accounts for almost 40% of the entire packaging industry. Kraft paper bags made of paper materials not only look beautiful, but also have incomparable advantages over other materials.

First of all, the sources of paper materials are very extensive, and the cost price is relatively low. We all know that the source of paper products is trees, and the raw materials are naturally produced, so the resources are relatively abundant. Compared with other containers, it is not only cost-effective but also has good buffering performance, and also has the functions of shading, moisture-proof and dust-proof, which can be very good. Protect the product inside.

In addition, the packaging materials of paper and cardboard are non-toxic, odorless, very safe and environmentally friendly, green and safe, and can meet the packaging requirements of different commodities. Its processing and storage are also very convenient, and the paper packaging container It is recyclable and can also be recycled for papermaking, so compared with other materials, paper packaging materials generate very little waste. Even after discarding, they can be degraded in a short period of time, which will not be harmful to the environment. Pollution, paper packaging materials are environmentally friendly and renewable. It is now a sustainable green packaging method, and it is also very in line with the current requirements of sustainable development. Therefore, many people will use this material to make kraft paper bags. .

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