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what are paper bags made out of?

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-14
Since its invention here in the 1800 s, paper bags have been staple food in the United States.
While they have been touted as eco-friendly alternatives to plastics, they require a lot of water and energy to produce and will not break down too easily in landfill sites.
The bag is made of dry bark, which turns into flesh and then into colored paper.
While you may not be surprised by their lack of updatable sexiness, you may be surprised by their production process.
Francis Wall got the patent for the first paper bag
Manufacturing machines in the US in 1852.
Wolle and his brother found the joint paper bag machine company and a paper packaging factory in 1869, which can produce 1,000 feet of the paper in a minute.
The factory is still in operation today, but it belongs to another company ---
International Paper
Although today\'s paper machine is more advanced than Wolle\'s first equipment, the principle is still the same.
Paper bags are made on large machines that require a lot of energy and natural resources.
A paper bag needs 1 gallon of water and fossil fuel to run the machine that makes the bag.
Paper bags are made of pulp from trees that have been dried for at least three years.
Peel the dried bark and cut it into 1-
Under strong pressure and heat, fragments of inches and cooked pulp.
The pulp was then washed, bleached, colored and turned into kraft paper from the word \"strong\" in German.
This Kraft paper is then made, cut and glued to the shape of the synthetic bag by an industrial machine. In addition to carrying groceries and packing lunches, you can do a lot of useful things with paper bags.
Its sturdy and durable construction makes the paper bag perfect for use as a cheat or treat bag, gift wrap, clothing
A vest, storage bag, paper or book cover.
You can also use your paper bag to bring home groceries from the store at least three times, or until you notice that the bag starts to break, in which case you may want to cut it down, as a package for the package you mailed.
Paper has long been touted as an environmental product.
In addition to plastic bags, friendly and even \"green\" alternatives.
Many people will feel better using paper bags because they believe it will degrade faster than plastic and will not do harm to the environment.
However, in aiming at all these plastic bags, published in April 1, 2007, the New York Times reported that paper bags produce more air and water pollution than plastic bags and require more energy production.
These bags also take longer to degrade and take up more space in the landfill.
Unlike polyethylene bags, paper bags end up breaking down, but reusable cloth shopping bags are the \"greenest\" option if you\'re worried about protecting the environment.
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