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Various signs indicate that the price of paper bags is rising

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-03

2018 is on schedule, and prices change almost every Chinese New Year. Let’s talk about the changes in the meal box fees we usually charge for ordering takeout this year.

Although we do not make paper bags that directly contact food, we also undertake the production of external paper bags, but the price of raw materials has soared since last year, including the price of paper. Only in August, most paper mills in the country There were 3 to 4 price increases, and some varieties even more than doubled in a year.

This not only affects the price increase of paper used in daily life, but also leads to the price increase of many paper bags. Let's take a look at the price of takeaway disposable lunch boxes. The meal box for take-out used to be only 1 yuan, but now we can find that many of them have been raised to 3 yuan when ordering food online.

All these signs indicate that the price increase of raw materials has been enough to affect the development of the entire paper bag manufacturing industry, so the price of custom-made paper bags will continue to rise.

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