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Understand the market demand for packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-05

How big is the market demand for packaging boxes? The market's demand for packaging boxes. To give a simple example, according to incomplete statistics, there are more than 10 million couples registered for marriage in China every year. If the average couple buys about 500 yuan of wedding candy when they get married, the country will consume 6-7 billion yuan of wedding candy every year. , and this consumption is still increasing year by year. Of course, the wedding candy packaging box is not a product, nor is it a fast-selling product with a high frequency of updating, but it reflects that the market has a considerable demand for wedding candy packaging boxes. Not to mention fast-moving consumer goods, the demand for wedding candy packaging boxes is even greater. Every household is indispensable, and the important thing is that its replacement frequency is very high.

This has a new level of demand for the creative design of the packaging box and the printing of the packaging box. The current packaging boxes are divided into raw materials, mainly including: paper, plastic, metal, fiber materials, glass and ceramics, as well as some novel composite materials, which greatly satisfies everyone's diverse needs for packaging box planning. However, in many packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes account for a large share, and the most important reason is the fit; green packaging; the demand,; green packaging; also known as; pollution-free packaging; and; friend of the environment packaging; .

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