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Unconventional gift box, gift box, tie box, moon cake box wholesale

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-07

Gift boxes have been around for thousands of years. Up to now, due to the diversification of products, the packaging of commodities is dazzling, and there are more products that can be produced by mechanization, such as folding cartons, cartons, pvc, pet packaging boxes and so on. However, in the field of packaging cartons, gift boxes still occupy an important position. China is a country that advocates the unconventional, so many products, including its packaging, will be marked with a deep; self-unique; brand. Of course, many of the paper hard boxes used are not exempt from the custom. The so-called special-shaped box is derived from this. Tall, round, hexagonal, octagonal, dotted arc, heart-shaped... All kinds of oddly shaped or ingeniously designed paper boxes seem to be done only by manual work.

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