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u200bWhat are the common paper bags for making tea paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11

The production of tea paper bags is common in the market. With the improvement of living standards, customers have various needs for the production of tea paper bags, and many times they cannot meet the needs of customers. At present, tea paper bags are used on paper bags. With more options for production, the production of portable paper bags is also more convenient for everyone to organize them for understanding.

Tiandi cover paper bag: The top cover is directly covered with the bottom bag, and the entire bag surface is closed. Since the top cover is fully buckled to form a double layer, it has strong pressure resistance and can fully protect the products in the bag.

One-piece bag cover: The bag cover is connected with the bag body, the bag cover is the same size as the bottom of the bag, covers the bag body, and then seals with ribbon or other auxiliary materials.

Cap type: the upper cover fastens a part of the bag body, and the height of the bag cover is lower than the height of the bottom of the bag. This paper bag has a large unfolding surface, is easy to open, and has strong practicability.

Opposite flap type: The upper pocket and the lower pocket are equal in size, forming a pair of mouths, giving people a sense of nobility, elegance and delicacy.

Book Type: The opening method is similar to a hardcover book, which is composed of a panel and a bottom pocket, which is beautiful and elegant.

Drawer type: similar to the shape of the drawer, the cover and the bag body have two layers of structure that can be removed, and the structure is firm and not easy to be damaged.

Portable: The handle is usually combined with materials to add richness, or personalized design, connected to the body of the bag.

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