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u200bThe most suitable printing method for your custom non-woven tote bag making

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-16

u200bThe production and printing methods of non-woven hand paper bags we know are: offset printing, screen printing, gravure printing, thermal transfer printing, flexographic printing, etc., then we usually use the most non-woven bags used. Which printing method is it? Today Wenzhou non-woven bag manufacturers share some knowledge in the industry with you, hoping to bring convenience to your custom non-woven bags in the future.

u200bFirst of all, screen printing is the most widely used. As the name suggests, this printing method can print simple color patterns and text, which is simple and clear, and the cost is the lowest.

u200bThe second is lamination color printing. This printing actually prints the plastic film on the surface, which is gravure printing. The patterns that can be printed are colorful, but the cost will be much more expensive, especially the printing fee will be higher than other printing methods Much more expensive. The minimum order quantity will also be required, generally starting from about 10,000 pieces. Generally, this kind of coated color printing non-woven bag will be made if the quantity is large. Offset ink printing, sometimes customers will specifically request to use offset ink printing, and the resulting bag text pattern is bright, which is rarely used. The main reason is that the offset ink has a strong taste and is not environmentally friendly.

u200bAnd then there is the thermal transfer printing method. This method is not used much and the cost is also high, but the printed patterns will be very colorful, and it is also an effect that other printing methods cannot print.

u200bSo, when you are customizing non-woven bags, you must choose the appropriate printing method according to your own needs, not only to make the printed paper bags beautiful, but also to save the cost of printing.

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