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u200bThe following steps are required to make custom gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-14

u200bThe production of gift paper bags has always been a popular one in the packaging industry. Users can make paper bags according to their requirements, and it is an important part of the product image design of paper bags. Therefore, the production of gift paper bags To make a custom, you need to meet the following steps.

u200b1. Design: According to customer requirements and product characteristics, etc., design gift paper bags to make customized patterns; then make samples according to drawings.

u200b2. Cardboard selection: General gift paper bags are made of cardboard or long cardboard. Wine packaging and gift packaging cartons are mostly made of cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm, which are manually mounted on the outer decorative surface and formed by bonding.

u200b3. Printing: Because the gift box is made of an outer portable paper bag, the customization of the gift portable paper bag has high requirements on the printing process, and the color difference in the production of the portable paper bag is very taboo.

u200bCustomized requirements and standards for the production of good gift paper bags can make product design more efficient. Users who need to customize such products can consult our Hangzhou paper bag manufacturer.

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