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u200bMaterial and size of common tote bag printing?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-17

Paper bag making is also known as hand bag, handbag and so on. It can be used to hold items and is a convenient container for users, so it is named because it can generally be carried by hand. The production materials are kraft paper, white cardboard, copper cardboard, OPP, plastic composite, non-woven fabric, etc. The production and printing of tote paper bags can be divided into advertising tote bags, shopping tote bags, and gift tote bags according to their types.

The purpose of making and printing design of portable paper bags is to make the appearance of portable products beautiful and reasonable, to convey the information of the products, to show a corporate image, and to show a personalized cultural atmosphere. The design requirements for handbags should be simple, firm to handle, and relatively low cost. The design of the pattern should pursue novelty and simplicity, reflect the concept of freedom and avant-garde, and at the same time play various functions of promotion, communication and display. Tote bags with protective and storage functions are one of the media for visual flow to convey product image.

Common paper carrier bags printing size

Generally, there are large 2 open tote bags, positive 2 open tote bags, large 3 open tote bags, and positive 3 open tote bags.

Large 2 open paper bag making: 330mm(width)*450mm(height)*90mm(side)

Positive 2 open paper bag production: 280mm(width)*420mm(height)*80mm(side)

Large 3 open paper bag making: 250mm(width)*350mm(height)*80mm(side)

The production of 3 open paper bags: 240mm(width)*290mm(height)*80mm(side)

The size of the handbag is usually determined according to the size of the package. Common standard sizes are divided into three, four or folio. Each is divided into two types: positive or large. Its net size consists of length × width × height.

Common paper bag printing materials

The paper of the handbag can choose 157g, 200g coated paper. For matching with heavier packaging products, 300g coated paper or cardboard over 300g can be used for printing. If coated paper or cardboard is used for printing, it is generally necessary to coat or sub-film to increase its strength. In addition, white kraft paper is more and more used in the production of handbags recently because of its strong toughness and environmental protection. Usually 120g or 140g white or yellow kraft paper can be used. After printing, it needs to be oiled to protect the ink from being dirty when making bags. .

Processing technology

The handbag needs to be covered with film or stringed after printing before it can be formed. The rope of the handbag can be selected from nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. If the size of the handbag is large, rivets should be reinforced at the rope hole to resist tensile force.


From the production and packaging of paper bags to the production and printing of paper bags to use, it not only provides convenience for shoppers, but also takes the opportunity to promote products or brands again. Beautifully designed tote bags will be addictive, even if the tote bags are printed with eye-catching logos or advertisements, customers will be happy to reuse them. This paper paper carrier bags making has become one of the most efficient and affordable advertising media.

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