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u200bHow about the printing effect of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-16

u200bEveryone knows that the production of kraft paper bags is not like the production of copper-plated paper bags, the white card paper bags are smooth and clean, and the white background is white, which is easy to print. Fiber is stronger. In particular, the natural kraft paper has a deep brownish-yellow background, which will have a great impact on the printing effect.

u200bIf you print a pattern with rich colors, the effect is not as good as that of copper plate and white card, so the production of kraft paper bags is generally based on monochrome printing. The effect to be expressed is also based on simplicity and clarity.

Kraft paper bags are mostly used for service paper bags, book paper bags, food paper bags, etc. They are also used for gift paper bags, but most of them are traditional gifts, such as calligraphy and painting , tea, etc.

In the past few decades, custom paper packaging production has increased because of the use of custom paper bags.
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