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u200bDo you know the commonly used materials for making red wine paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-17

In recent years, the rapid development of import and export of red wine has driven the development of related industries. Among them, the manufacturer of paper bags has become one of the key factors for the implantation of red wine brands. So, do you know the commonly used red wine paper bag making materials?

1. Wood

Wood is the most used material in the production of red wine paper bags, among which pine is the most used, because pine is strong, firm and has a long shelf life. And because the red wine wooden box is the most weighty, the red wine made of this material paper bag must match its identity.

2. Cortex

The demand for leather is also very large. The leather is generally combined with wood. The inner layer is made of wood and the outer layer is made of leather hand-held paper bags. This is the red wine leather box. Cortex is generally not used alone, and is used together with wooden paper bags to locate high-end red wine.

3.PP plastic

The red wine paper bag made of PP plastic is more economical and environmentally friendly, so some red wines with affordable prices will choose PP material. The editor believes that PP plastic can create a better gift feeling, just like the ornaments or handicraft bouquets sent by couples are often placed in PP plastic boxes, with romantic butterfly peach heart accessories, pp can also convey love and romance. . In this way, it seems that the production of portable paper bags is to target the consumer group, and pp is not necessarily the material chosen for the cheap red wine of paper bags, but a romantic paper bag.

4. Paper (mostly art paper with hardness)

Whether it is the production of paper bags for red wine or white wine, paper is always an important raw material for paper bags. The plasticity of paper is very high, and the paper box with a certain hardness also gives people a high-end atmosphere. If it is not for improving the quality, it is just for ordinary gifts or personal purchases, and the red wine in paper bags is still good.

5.PU, SBR, polyester blend

People who choose this kind of paper bag are for fashionable consumers, and red wine can also make it feel cool.

6. Non-woven fabric

This is a lightweight material. If you buy the right amount in supermarkets or holidays, you can choose non-woven fabrics, which are lightweight and put more. However, it seems that non-woven fabrics need to be more carefully designed by red wine businessmen to design its appearance and shape.

After reading the above content, when you want to make a red wine product, have you figured out how to locate the crowd, locate the style, and locate the paper bag? Maybe wood has become a popular material for making paper bags this year, but you can also go out of your own personal route, so you might as well make some bold attempts.

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