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Types of high-end packaging accessories

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-04

When it comes to beautiful packaging for retail stores as well as e-commerce websites, brands always want a box that can make the product stand out while keeping the product safe. There are many ways to make a product stand out, such as using a beautiful and unique graphic design, structural design, or adding accessories to the packaging, etc. Next, let's talk about how packaging accessories can bring the finishing touch to product packaging.

Although packaging accessories are not as important as product packaging, they can not only enhance the overall aesthetics of the packaging, but also enhance the brand image. Common packaging accessories in the market include tissue paper, ribbons, hang tags, labels, etc. Different accessories play different roles in the packaging, such as:

tissue paper

Tissue paper is generally also called copy paper. The surface of tissue paper is delicate, flat, smooth and has good printability. It can not only be used as the inner packaging of the product, but also add a layer of protection to the product. The most important thing is the multiple opening methods, which can bring a full sense of ritual to customers. Due to its good printability, whether it is full-page printing or just printing Logo is very good.


A ribbon is a strip of flexible material, usually made of cloth material. It can be used not only as a handle for the packaging box, but also as a decoration attached to the packaging box. Well-known jewelry brand Tiffany (Tiffany) has applied bows made of ribbons to its jewelry boxes.


There are many types of labels, but the functions of the labels in the packaging box are basically the same, and they are all used to display product and brand information. Common labels include self-adhesive labels and label cards. Self-adhesive labels are mostly used for imported goods, and the information on the labels is mostly the translation of the product information in the box. Label cards are applied to almost all products, and the information in the labels is more diverse, such as product information, preferential information, precautions, etc. can be printed.

It is a very good idea to add packaging accessories to the box, which can enhance the appearance of the box on the one hand and improve the unboxing experience of the product on the other hand.

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