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Types of gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-12

Gift paper bags and gift paper bag making are the most common for us during Chinese New Year and festivals. You must know a lot about the common types of paper bag making!

One, drawer paper bag making

This packaging form is similar to the shape of a drawer, the lid and the box body are made of two pieces of paper, and the structure is firm and easy to use multiple times. Common ones include oral liquid packaging, boxed chocolate, and so on.

Second, the production of modified paper bags

The production of modified paper bags pursues the interestingness and variability of the structure, and is often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candies, toys, etc. This kind of structure is relatively complex, and there are many production processes, but the shapes are various, the changes are colorful, and the display effect is good.

3. This type of covered structure is divided into two types: one-piece type and one-piece type. The so-called one-piece type means that the cover is connected to the box body and is formed by one piece of paper, such as the packaging of cigarettes; while the split type means that the cover is separated from the box body and formed by two pieces of paper, such as moon cake packaging. This packaging is also our most common gift packaging!

Gift paper bags are often very beautifully packaged and can be seen at a glance in the dazzling array of products. So paper bag making and packaging are as important as gift paper bag packaging!

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