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Types and characteristics of corrugated paper

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

The invention and application of corrugated paper has a history of more than 100 years. Because of its low cost, easy processing, and high strength, corrugated packaging boxes are very common in our lives. As the trend of online shopping is becoming more and more obvious, the demand for corrugated packaging boxes is also increasing. In fact, corrugated packaging boxes can be used not only for transportation packaging but also for product packaging. Next, I will mainly talk about the different types of corrugated paper commonly used in packaging and the characteristics of different corrugated paper.

There are four commonly used corrugated paper, namely A flute, B flute, C flute, and E flute.

A flute - the flute height (h/mm) is about 4.5-5.0, the flute width (t/mm) is 8.0-9.5, the flute number (piece/300mm) is 34±3, and the board thickness is about 5mm. The compressive strength, elasticity and cushioning force are very good, but it is precisely because of the high height of A flute that it is easy to be damaged, so it is generally used as a transport packaging material for lighter items.

B flute——The flute height (h/mm) is about 2.5-3.0, the flute width (t/mm) is 5.5-6.5, the flute number (piece/300mm) is 50±4, and the board thickness is about 3mm. B flute has high flat compressive strength and is suitable for packaging hard products, such as bottles, cans and other items. Most bottle wine packaging boxes on the market use B flute. At the same time, because the corrugated spacing is small and the paper is relatively flat, the printing effect is very good.

C flute——The flute height (h/mm) is about 3.5-4.0, the flute width (t/mm) is 6.8-7.9, the flute number (piece/300mm) is 41±3, and the board thickness is about 4mm. C flute combines the characteristics of A flute and B flute, has sufficient rigidity and shock absorption performance, and its price is relatively economical, and it has also attracted the attention of merchants in recent years. C flute alone will be less,

E flute——The flute height (h/mm) is about 1.1-2.0, the flute width (t/mm) is 3.0-3.5, the flute number (piece/300mm) is 93±6, and the board thickness is about 1.6mm. Compared with the other three commonly used flute types, E flute is thinner and harder. The surface of E flute is very smooth and can be used for complex printing. Therefore, E flute is often used as the material for product packaging and gift boxes.

In fact, in addition to the above four commonly used corrugated types, there are also heavy corrugated (D corrugated, K corrugated) and micro corrugated (F corrugated, G corrugated, N corrugated, O corrugated). 'Paper instead of wood' products, due to the high cost performance and high performance of heavy corrugated, heavy corrugated is also replacing the market position of traditional wood packaging. The purpose of micro-corrugated is to replace cardboard.

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