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Two other reasons for the improper hot stamping of jewelry paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-04

Nowadays, many paper bag making factories will suggest adding a bronzing process after receiving some paper bag production orders. It looks tall and shiny, and can attract attention. The bronzing technology can be said to be used in jewelry. Paper bags are very popular in making paper bags, but during this process, there will be a bad phenomenon that the hot stamping effect is not strong. Although Junye packaging has also resulted in one of the reasons for the weak hot stamping effect, today I will introduce two reasons .

In the process of making jewelry paper bags, if the dry oil content in the ink is high, it is easy to cause the surface of the ink layer to crystallize, which will cause the hot stamping foil to fail to be transferred to the substrate. . The usual solution is to prevent crystallization before the jewelry paper bag is made, such as checking the dry oil content of the ink, and try to control it within a reasonable range. If crystallization has already occurred, you can empty it first. Press once, so that the high temperature can effectively destroy the crystallized aluminum foil layer.

There is another situation that will cause the printing of the ink to adjust the viscosity of the ink during the production of the jewelry paper bag, and add some anti-sticking agent or thinner to him. In fact, these will make the result of insufficiency after hot stamping. It is also a phenomenon that often occurs in the process of making jewelry paper bags. The solution is to first stick a layer of absorbent paper on the printing plate and press it again to absorb the wax and non-drying oil on the background ink layer, and then perform the hot stamping operation.

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