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Tips in the customization of paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-23
There are many kinds of custom paper bags, most of which are square bottom paper bags with relatively standard shapes on the market today. In production, the offset printing process is used to complete the printing. However, the production process is relatively simple. Most of them are produced by printing first and then processing. In fact, some appropriate changes can be made to the subsequent process, the effect will be much better, and it can save some unnecessary losses, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Some manufacturers of custom paper bags usually use the re-use of the molded version. Usually, when the paper bag is made, the precision of the size is not high. According to some characteristics of the paper bag, the manufacturer first made an accurate statistical summary of the length, width and height of the paper bag, and classified and numbered it according to the different heights of the paper bag to make a molded version.

Secondly, the molding method has also been improved. If thick cardboard is used instead of the creasing line, the indentation process of the paper bag is usually not required for the indentation line to cooperate with the steel wire, and the thick cardboard is used instead of the creasing line. This folding method has a certain depth, and the phenomenon of running lines is not easy to appear when folding.

Better results can be obtained when the paper bag is customized. Then you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The thickness of the backing paper should be sufficient.

2. Before molding, fold teeth on the backing paper to make grooves.

3. Fold along the direction of the silk strands of the paper, so that the molding pressure can be smaller.

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