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【Tips】Customized production process of gift boxes -

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-20
Today I am going to teach you some practical skills. That is a production process of box' target='_blank'>gift box customization, everyone listen to it~!

1. Material selection: the surface paper should be free of wrinkles and dirt; the board should be flat and smooth, with a fine surface, and the moisture should not exceed 14%, otherwise it will shrink after cutting, which will bring difficulties to the next process, and the size reduction cannot meet the requirements need. It is strictly forbidden to use raw embroidered magnets, otherwise the rust will affect the appearance through the back of the paper or cause quality accidents. Adhesives, bronzing aluminized film and other materials must meet the quality requirements.

2. Production requirements: Whether it is a sky and earth cover or a flip cover, it must be noted that the glue on the tissue paper should not be too large during production. After the glue is applied, it should be quickly mounted on the cardboard. The paper and the cardboard are closely attached without bubbles, the edges are flat and the edges and corners are clear. Once spilled glue is found, wipe it off with a rag immediately. Dry and hard-to-wipe glue can be wiped with alcohol. When the inner box and the box body are combined, the hot sol must be evenly distributed, and the inner box and the box body should be placed at one time to fit firmly.
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