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Three Types of Jewelry Packaging

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

Jewelry is a large but saturated market. Therefore, jewelry packaging not only needs to protect the product, but also establish brand differentiation and be used for product marketing. There are many types of jewelry packaging, but not limited to jewelry boxes, jewelry display cards, jewelry bags are also very common jewelry packaging in the market.

jewelry display card

Jewelry display cards are cardstock with cutouts to hold jewelry in, and they usually come in clear plastic bags. The jewelry display card is only used for storage and packaging of jewelry. Therefore, jewelry display cards are often used as low-end jewelry packaging. In addition, for accessories such as necklaces that are easy to wrap, display cards cannot fix them, and are generally suitable for packaging of small accessories such as earrings and earrings.

Jewelry display cards can be customized according to the needs of the brand. The common display card materials are paper and plastic. However, as consumers' awareness of environmental protection gradually increases, most jewelry display cards are now made of paper.

jewelry bag

There are many types of jewelry bags, with hidden buckles or drawstrings. Because the details of the hidden buckle inside the jewelry bag with hidden buckle are easy to scratch the jewelry, the jewelry bag with hidden buckle is gradually being eliminated. Now the commonly used jewelry bag is the drawstring bag. Jewelry bags are generally made of soft materials such as suede and flannelette, which can clean the product while packaging it. Many high-end jewelry brands will give jewelry bags as bonus gifts to customers for their convenience. Of course, there are also some jewelry studios that use jewelry bags as packaging for jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Since the jewelry bag has no space to fix the jewelry, it is generally used for packaging and storage of individual jewelry in order to prevent scratches between the jewelry.

jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are premium packaging that combines protection and luxury. The common feature of jewelry boxes is that they are very strong and have strong crush resistance. Compared with jewelry display cards and jewelry bags, packaging boxes can provide more protection for jewelry. The plasticity of the jewelry box is very strong, and the material, process and size of the packaging box can be customized according to the needs of the brand. You can also use printing, hot stamping, embossing and other processes to display the Logo in the jewelry packaging box to better display the brand information. The inside of the box can also be customized with a suitable lining according to the needs of the product to prevent damage to the product due to scratches. While the advantages of jewelry boxes are many, because they are not flat, the shipping cost of the product may be higher than jewelry display cards, jewelry bags.

Even the smallest details can affect how a brand is perceived by customers, especially in the jewelry industry. For precious jewelry, all aspects of product production, sales, transportation, and storage should be considered. For low-priced jewelry, it is necessary to customize a suitable jewelry box according to the price of the product.

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