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Three major categories of common environmentally friendly paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-27

u200bThe production of environmentally friendly bags and environmentally friendly paper bags is no longer an unfamiliar word for everyone. As early as the plastic restriction order, the word environmentally friendly bag began to blow all over the land of China. Today, the editor will briefly introduce to you, several major categories of environmental protection bags.

u200bPaper environmentally friendly paper bag making

u200bIn many European and American movies, the most common thing we see is the protagonist holding a kraft paper bag in the streets. The kraft paper bag is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective paper bags. In addition, there are Some virgin paper bags are also 100% environmentally friendly and very friendly to the environment. However, during the use of paper-based environmental protection portable paper bags, the moisture-proof ability is poor, and it is easy to break. It cannot be reused and can only be regarded as a disposable product.

u200bNon-woven environmentally friendly portable paper bag making

u200bNon-woven environmentally friendly paper bags are rich in colors and can be printed with a variety of text patterns. They are easy to make, and can be decomposed by themselves after 90 days, without polluting the environment at all. However, the production of non-woven paper bags is relatively thin, the load-bearing capacity is limited, and it is easy to pierce and rupture. If the company needs to order large quantities of environmentally friendly bags at one time, it is undoubtedly an ideal choice to use non-woven paper bags to make them.

u200bCotton, linen, canvas reusable bags

u200bCotton, linen, canvas eco-friendly cloth bags have a long service life, can print a variety of interesting patterns, add unique visual effects, and can be washed repeatedly. However, the cost of cotton, linen and canvas bags is much more expensive than non-woven fabrics. You get what you pay for every penny, and it’s expensive. Buying cotton, linen, canvas and other portable paper bags is very cost-effective for consumers in the long run.

u200bFrom the perspective of service life, paper environmental protection bags
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