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Three effective ways to make tea paper bags to prevent tea spoilage

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-30

u200bTea, as one of the three famous beverages in the world, is famous all over the world. In recent years, although it is popular to send high-end tea boxes, the most basic function of tea boxes is to store tea leaves and ensure that the tea leaves will not deteriorate. If you blindly pursue the production of high-end tea paper bags and ignore the most basic functions of the tea box, it is putting the cart before the horse.

u200bTea contains various components such as tea, protein, chlorophyll and minerals. These substances are highly susceptible to changes in temperature, light, oxygen, and air humidity. The influence of the above external factors on tea should be reduced when making tea paper bags. The specific points of tea box to prevent tea spoilage are as follows:

u200bMoisture proof

u200bMoisture in tea is the medium of tea biochemical, low moisture is conducive to the preservation of tea. If you want tea to be stored for a long time, the moisture should be kept at 3%. Otherwise, the ascorbic acid in tea is easy to differentiate. When making the portable paper bag, the material of aluminum foil or aluminum foil evaporation film should be used to make the moisture-proof portable paper bag.


u200bLight promotes the oxidation of chlorophyll and lipids. When the paper bag is made, it must be shaded to prevent the photocatalytic reaction of chlorophyll and lipids.

u200bOdor resistance

u200bTea easily emits its own fragrance, and at the same time easily absorbs external odors. The material of the paper bag for tea must block the gas function of the tea. Prevent tea from losing aroma and absorbing odor during storage.

u200bOnly the above points can be effectively guaranteed to keep the original flavor of the tea during storage. If you can carry out some packaging design on this basis to make the tea box look exquisite and high-end, then it will be better to give it to relatives and friends as a gift paper bag.

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