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Those very technological electronic product packaging box fonts

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-06

The packaging design of electronic products with a sense of future technology is very popular with customers. When customizing electronic product packaging boxes, how can we make the design more technological? In addition to some design elements with a sense of technology, the fonts used in the product packaging box can also bring a sense of technology to the design. Although there is no strict definition of a technical font, such fonts should not only have minimalist aesthetics and unique geometric shapes, but also should be a type of sans serif font. These fonts are very suitable for application in product packaging of electronics, machinery, and home appliances. Below we will share several technological fonts that can be used in electronic product packaging boxes.


Blanka font was designed by Emmeran Richard, and it is her first futuristic technology font created as a graphic designer. Blanka is a very minimal and clean font. The missing part of the text can bring a more creative aesthetic design to the packaging. Blanka font is free for personal and commercial use.


Ailerons font was designed by Adilson Gonzales, and the overall look is very clean and stylish, which can bring a sense of quality and innovation to potential users. Compared with other fonts, Ailerons font is taller and takes up more space in the packaging box. It is more suitable for slightly larger electronic product packaging boxes. Ailerons fonts are only for personal use free of charge, if you need to use them for commercial purposes, you need to purchase the font copyright.


Created by Emanuele Papale, Elianto uses geometric shapes for a futuristic aesthetic. For example, the letter 'A' is designed as a triangle, while the letter 'O' has an additional dot inside the letter. Every stroke of Elianto font is composed of straight lines or geometric shapes. Elianto font is free for personal and commercial use.


The Stellar font was created by Mathieu Desjardins. Compared with other fonts, the Stellar font looks very simple. The simple font design also realizes the aesthetics of future technology. The Stellar font supports more than 33 languages ​​and is free for personal and commercial use.


The DUAL font was created by Charles Daoud, inspired by fonts like Gotham, Proxima Nova, and Neue Haas. Its straight lines and 90-degree angles create an experimental feel. The geometric design of the DUAL font makes the font look simple with a touch of complexity. Some of the DUAL fonts are free for personal and commercial use.

For electronic product brands who want to customize packaging boxes with a sense of technology, the above fonts are very helpful for brands to achieve this goal. Each typeface lends a unique and technological look to electronics packaging.

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